Hong Kong Part IV – Sweet & Beautiful

I was blown away by how many beauty and candy shops there are in Hong Kong.  They are everywhere — on the streets, in the shopping malls (I admit I visited a few of those…)  What I loved about them is that every place is well-designed, and the products beautifully displayed.  Everything looked delectable, both make-up and candies!  Check out some of the places below…

The Sophisticate







Heima Chocolate Boutique

A combined chocolate and tabletop accessories boutique – an interesting concept.


Jean Paul Hevin

Macaroons to die for…


Hands-on Experience

Laka Manicure Express


Laka Manicure Express – Display


Manicure Station



Pretty store with pretty candies made on-site…

photo via stickycandy.com.au


Sticky candy display


Sticky candies


Candy Colored

Lashes on display



The Visuals