Stylish Brands

Set yourself apart with signature interior designs that amplify your desired brand image

Attract more target clientele with fashionable environments resonating with them

Create immersive design experiences to make compelling and memorable impressions

Available Interior Branding Services for Multi-Family Residential, Hospitality, Retail Spaces

Brand Identity
  • Create a physical environment, including the visual aesthetic and ambiance, that communicates your brand’s core DNA
  • Design signature interiors that help consumers identify with your product or company, enhancing your brand recognition in the mind of your target clientele
Fashionable & Functional Design
  • Analyze your core target clientele and create fashionable aesthetics appealing to their sophisticated taste
  • Develop functional design to support business needs and increase productivity in public spaces, and enhance consumers’ lifestyle needs in private spaces
Merchandising Strategy Interior Styling
  • Create innovative & dynamic merchandising concepts to make your company’s products and vision appealing to your target clientele
  • Using merchandising and retail strategies, create compelling Sales Galleries to showcase the vision and lifestyle of living in your company’s residences
  • Create enticing visual merchandising and interior styling to promote extraordinary living experiences
Special Consumer Experience
  • Create immersive design experiences to make compelling and memorable impressions
  • Curate and finely tune all sensory experiences, including: visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory
  • Design various vignettes within the space to delight the client’s senses
Design 360

A comprehensive creative service collaboration between Seyie Design and SheBrand to provide overall Brand Positioning, Creative Direction and Consumer Experiences. It covers every touch-point to create a brand identity that is cohesive and seamless inside a physical environment.

The above is a sample of some of the services that we offer. However, we tailor our services to satisfy each of our client’s specific needs.

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