Seyie Putsure’s unique approach to interior design is deeply rooted in her early immersion into the world of haute couture—a foundation that infuses her work with an unparalleled sense of style and refinement.

Born in Nagaland, a state in Northeast India, Seyie was introduced to architecture and the fine arts at an early age, which profoundly influenced her artistic journey. After college, she entered the world of high style in the heart of the New York and Paris fashion scenes.  

Working for some of the world’s finest fashion houses, including CHANEL and Dolce & Gabbana, Seyie honed her skills for excellence and mastery of craftsmanship—where fabrics tell stories, textures evoke emotions, and colors paint narratives.

Inspired by the boutique hotels that gained popularity in the early Aughts, Seyie decided to move to Los Angeles to attend UCLA’s design program and pursue a career in interior design. Throughout the program, she worked for several large prestigious design firms and smaller firms that gave her more hands-on experience in both residential and luxury hospitality. 

Since founding her boutique design firm, Seyie Design, in 2007, her body of work has grown internationally to include luxury residences, as well as hospitality environments, such as multifamily developments, high-end salons, spas and retail.  

Seyie creates fashionable & functional branded interiors for stylish individuals with impeccable taste, and design-driven multifamily & hospitality brands.

She has been named by Vogue India as one of “The New Women of Interiors,” and featured as one of “Los Angeles’ Top 25 Home Designers” by the Los Angeles Times. Her work has been featured on the cover of New York Post Alexa magazine’s design issue, as well as Vogue, Luxe, Better Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, California Home + Design, and Homes & Gardens, among others.  

Seyie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Clark University and graduated from UCLA Extension’s Professional Interior Design program.  


Seyie Design collaborates closely with clients to understand their individual aesthetic and how they live in a space, in order to create fashionable interiors that not only reflect their personal taste, but also function as harmonious extensions of their daily lives.  
Our interiors exude comfortable glamour and effortless elegance that are marked by artistic details with an ease that ensures every space maximizes both form and function. 
Our goal is to design homes that our clients fall madly in love with, which elevate their lives and transport them somewhere magical.  We breathe life into spaces that are filled with character and soul, and evoke visceral emotional responses from our clients.