Hollywood’s Best Gifts!

Now that you got a peek inside the Official Talent Gift Lounge for the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards®, I would like to share some favorite fashion & beauty products that celebrities were pampered with at the Lounge this year.

GLALENT Platinum Ion Mist device from MTG  181843752,4B9170A40CF9C761E71-Imeh Akpanudosen
This is a portable facial mist sprayer using a technology that captures nano collagen in capsules.  I love the sleek design, and its size also makes it great for travel!  http://www.mtg-en.com/

LGGK (Locally Grown. Globally Known.)

182144481,4D4D8B173F47D88C002-Jerod Harris

Ed Sheeran, photo by  Jerod Harris/WireImage

An apparel brand with “style on a mission,” LGGK has partnered with the nonprofit Starkey Hearing Foundation to help people hear.  I love how soft their t-shirts and sweatshirts are, and even the inner stitching in the sweatshirts is color coordinated.  www.shopLGGK.com

Jäger iOsonic Toothbrush and Teeth Whitening System


This toothbrush releases a constant flow of positive ions from the lithium power source during the brush cycle, which temporarily reverses the polarity of your teeth causing plaque to be repelled from your teeth and drawn to the negatively charged toothbrush head.

The pink color and the charger with the UV sanitizer are great touches.  www.thejager.com

4 Leaf Clover made-in-the-USA handbags, courtesy of KeepAmerica.com

181842931,29D86318F3BC88895BB-MC Lyte

MC Lyte, Dayme (designer) & David Seliktar (CEO of KeepAmerica),  photo by Todd Oren/WireImage 

Their canvas tote with the clover leaf leather trim is quite lovely.  It is also available with vegan patent leather trim – perfect for Hollywood.    www.4luckyLeaf.com

KeepAmerica.com is the number one online source for all things made in America.  www.keepamerica.com

Simone I. Smith Jewelry

Simone I. Smith is an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed accessory queen, who launched her own line a decade ago. Smith has teamed up with the American Cancer Society for her line of lollipops necklaces called “A Sweet Touch of Hope.”  These sparkling lollipop charms raise funds and awareness to help save more lives from cancer.  www.simoneismith.com

D’Milikah Swimwear

182168998,00B5DF089821EF1F6F3 - RamiJaffee ToddOren

Rami Jaffee of Foo Fighters, photo by Todd Oren/WireImage

D’Milikah specializes in swimwear that captures the essence of everyday real women of all sizes. Their 2013 Swimwear Collection is Brazilian inspired, with a touch of Italian handcraft adorning each unique piece. D’Milikah has expanded its swimsuit collection to also include casual wear, dresses, and accessories. www.dmilikah.com

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