Creating a Compelling Signature Interior for a Boutique Real Estate Office

To help Nest SoCal, a boutique residential real estate team, increase their brand recognition, elevate their image and stand out from the competition we designed an office that is stylish & functional with a hospitality/residential-style environment.

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Below are some techniques we used to help Nest SoCal Group create a compelling signature interior design:

  • Reinforcing visual identity: We highlighted the Tiffany blue color from their logo in the interior design, through the focal wall with Black Crow Studios wallpaper and other décor, to reinforce their visual Identity and thereby brand recognition.
  • Reflecting company’s core personality: We went for a contemporary and stylish design, through the choice of furniture and décor, in order to convey their authority as a real estate team with high-level market expertise and innovative approach, while appealing to their target demographic, including the luxury residential with sophisticated taste.
  • Creating a special experience: Opting for a residential/hospitality style environment, we went with lounge style seating for appointments with prospective buyers and in-house team meeting. The inviting and hospitable space reflects their business philosophy of being approachable and image of being a trusted advisor in the important decision making of buying a home.
  • Functional design with effective space planning in order to maximize the under 300sq.ft. space to fit a work area for 5-6 team members, a meeting lounge area and leave enough room for ample storage, without feeling cluttered.

Taking into consideration Nest SoCal’s brand, design aesthetic and functional requirements, we created an interior branding design concept through our virtual design package, Compelling Signature Interior™.

Compelling Signature Interior™ is an affordable virtual interior design package for small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them create their own signature interior design to elevate their brand image, stand out from competitors & appeal to their sophisticated target clientele.

If you want help creating a signature interior design to enhance your brand image, you can contact us at

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