Having lived in Manhattan for several years, I know the value of maximizing every square-inch of a kitchen – in every possible direction, vertical & horizontal.  Although I no longer live in the tiniest apartment in Manhattan, my love of collecting tabletop and kitchen accessories challenges me to come up with storage ideas.  So, I was obviously excited to come across these storage solutions below by Poggenpohl

All of my city dwelling friends, and others who just need additional storage for your many collections of cherished items, perhaps you can find some inspiring ideas to incorporate into your own kitchens…

Built-in countertop drawer

Custom sink drawer cut-out

Plinth drawer

Creating usable space out of the toe-kick area is quite smart!

Plinth ladder

Being a petite girl, this is probably one of my favorites…  No more bulky, ugly step ladders!  I love that you can just slide it under the cabinets when done.

Corner solution – Magic Corner

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