Introducing Design 360


Excited to share Design 360, a comprehensive creative collaboration with SheBrand, to provide overall brand positioning, creative direction and compelling consumer experiences for lifestyle, hospitality, retail and real estate brands.  It covers every touch-point to create a brand identity that is engaging, meaningful and cohesive throughout physical and digital platforms.


Scope of Services Include:

BRAND IDENTITY AND DEVELOPMENT – Identify brand message, mission, personality and image, and develop a custom brand handbook to serve as the anchor for all creative branding actions

CREATIVE DIRECTION – Create a unified, consistent look and voice across all forms of print and digital media

INTERIOR BRANDING – Communicate the essence of a company’s brand identity through the design of its physical environment

DIGITAL – Design and develop a brand’s website and social media platforms

GRAPHICS & PACKAGING – Design collateral materials, packaging and non-paper products

SPECIAL CONSUMER EXPERIENCE – Create educational and entertaining experiences to engage and delight consumers

BRAND TOUCH POINTS ON-SITE – Curate and finely tune all sensory experiences, including: visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory

WHO WE SERVELuxury & Design-Conscious Lifestyle, Hospitality, Retail and Real Estate Brands (Residential and Mixed-Use Development)

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For more information, please contact us at or 323.630.1841, we look forward to helping you design a compelling brand identity!

Please join us at ICSC Southern California Idea Exchange!

Please join us at ICSC Southern California Idea Exchange on February 1st! We are excited to host a Deal Making Table- how to create a compelling environment for your boutique or shopping center. We look forward to seeing you!

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Click HERE, for information on ICSC Southern California Idea Exchange.

A Shopping Dream!

Christmas arrived a little early this year with a shopping spree gift from Vogue Magazine and Bally, to shop at the newly designed Rodeo Drive boutique in Beverly Hills! Thank you Bally and Vogue Magazine for your generosity, hospitality and amazing time. It was truly a memorable experience to get a private tour of the new boutique and a personalized viewing of the current fashion collection.

I loved the chic shoes, bags, and of course the new boutique design!



3With Carrie, the fabulous sales associate at Bally, Beverly Hills.

A Luxury Optometrist Office & Retail Boutique

I am thrilled to share the interior branding design concept of an upcoming project, Eyes on the Bloc, in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Collaborating with the luxury optometrist office and retail boutique, we decided to create a minimalist design that aligned with their overall brand identity.  As a nod to the founder/optometrist’s love for art, the stark interior was punctuated with optical references, elevated as an art form, and with the company’s brand accent color of red.

The end result is a look that is unique and authentic to the company, while staying on brand!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.52.45 PM

Main Retail Area – Abstract Painting of an iris becomes a focal point at end of hallway 


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.55.29 PM

Waiting Lounge – built-in banquet seating with art (mosaic of eye) above


15_02.25-Regier_3D <abbr>RENDERING</abbr>

Main Retail Area


Stay tuned to see photos of the actual space when it opens later in 2016…

Upcoming Branded Retail Projects in #DTLA

I am very excited to share that Seyie Design will be creating several branded retail  boutiques for The BLOC, an exciting lifestyle destination opening up in Downtown LA.  Slated to open later this year, this unique lifestyle destination will include premier retailer, gourmet food, art installations, luxury office tower and many more.  I am thrilled to be contributing to such an incredible project that will elevate a favorite part of town.  Stay tuned!

You can find out more at

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 12.33.57 PM

The Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo!

Please Be My Guest At The Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo on Monday, August 18th! I’ll be presenting the “Five Key Elements for Successful Interior Branding in Café, Restaurant, and Retail Spaces.”

Please see invitation below for more info & the code for Complimentary registration.  You can register at

Loved to see you there!


Western Food Expo Invitation-small


Branded Salon

Interior Branding is a tool to communicate the essence of your company’s brand identity through the design of its physical environment.  Successful companies like Apple, Chanel and Louis Vuitton use it as a business strategy to enhance their brand image, gain client loyalty and, ultimately, higher profits.

Good design is no longer considered an elitist idea, but rather is now an integral part of a sound business strategy, and Interior Branding is an important aspect of achieving business success.

The five key elements of a well-branded interior include:

1.    Reinforcement of Visual Identity – Using your company’s logo, a trademark design element or color throughout as an interior detail.

2.    Creating an Interior Synonymous with Your Product or Brand – Reflecting your company’s core personality in your interior environment, which encompasses both aesthetic and ambiance.

3.    Consistent Visual Language – If your company has a presence in more than one physical environment, your design aesthetic should always be consistent, but not necessarily identical.  This may include multiple locations, or different types of spaces such as a freestanding boutique or spa, a shop-in-shop, or product counter inside a department store.

4.    Creating a Special Experience – When clients walks into your spa, retail boutique or office, you want them to have a memorable experience, as well as transact business.  You can achieve that by developing distinct areas where you can entertain and educate them about your products, or by creating inviting residential-style environments where they would want to linger.

5.    Engaging the Senses – Paying careful attention to how your clients connect with your business through their various senses – hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste. Make sure the connections are interesting and consistent with your brand identity.

Hollywood’s Best Gifts!

Now that you got a peek inside the Official Talent Gift Lounge for the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards®, I would like to share some favorite fashion & beauty products that celebrities were pampered with at the Lounge this year.

GLALENT Platinum Ion Mist device from MTG  181843752,4B9170A40CF9C761E71-Imeh Akpanudosen
This is a portable facial mist sprayer using a technology that captures nano collagen in capsules.  I love the sleek design, and its size also makes it great for travel!

LGGK (Locally Grown. Globally Known.)

182144481,4D4D8B173F47D88C002-Jerod Harris

Ed Sheeran, photo by  Jerod Harris/WireImage

An apparel brand with “style on a mission,” LGGK has partnered with the nonprofit Starkey Hearing Foundation to help people hear.  I love how soft their t-shirts and sweatshirts are, and even the inner stitching in the sweatshirts is color coordinated.

Jäger iOsonic Toothbrush and Teeth Whitening System


This toothbrush releases a constant flow of positive ions from the lithium power source during the brush cycle, which temporarily reverses the polarity of your teeth causing plaque to be repelled from your teeth and drawn to the negatively charged toothbrush head.

The pink color and the charger with the UV sanitizer are great touches.

4 Leaf Clover made-in-the-USA handbags, courtesy of

181842931,29D86318F3BC88895BB-MC Lyte

MC Lyte, Dayme (designer) & David Seliktar (CEO of KeepAmerica),  photo by Todd Oren/WireImage 

Their canvas tote with the clover leaf leather trim is quite lovely.  It is also available with vegan patent leather trim – perfect for Hollywood. is the number one online source for all things made in America.

Simone I. Smith Jewelry

Simone I. Smith is an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed accessory queen, who launched her own line a decade ago. Smith has teamed up with the American Cancer Society for her line of lollipops necklaces called “A Sweet Touch of Hope.”  These sparkling lollipop charms raise funds and awareness to help save more lives from cancer.

D’Milikah Swimwear

182168998,00B5DF089821EF1F6F3 - RamiJaffee ToddOren

Rami Jaffee of Foo Fighters, photo by Todd Oren/WireImage

D’Milikah specializes in swimwear that captures the essence of everyday real women of all sizes. Their 2013 Swimwear Collection is Brazilian inspired, with a touch of Italian handcraft adorning each unique piece. D’Milikah has expanded its swimsuit collection to also include casual wear, dresses, and accessories.


In this blog post, I would like to share about a topic that is near and dear to my heart, Interior Branding.

Why is it important, especially if you are a business? Because we live in an “Era of Design,” according to an article published by Forbes Magazine in May 2012.  Interior branding can help companies gain more customer loyalty, and thereby higher profits.

So, what is Interior Branding?

It is a tool to communicate the essence of your company’s brand identity through the design of your physical environment – which can be a retail space, a day or medical spa, a restaurant or an office.  This includes both the tangible, such as the interior design & visual aesthetic, to the intangible, such as the ambiance and mood.

A physical space is a very important asset to influence a consumer.  When a client enters your store or spa, you have the ability to create a bubble around them with your brand.  You engage them at every touch point and help them develop an emotional connection with your brand.  This is your BIGGEST opportunity to create a memorable impression upon your consumer, and to elevate your service or product from a commodity to an object of desire in the minds of your consumer.

This has become a very important investment for all types of businesses in recent years.  Many companies who were not typically design-oriented have realized that good design can be integral to developing consumer loyalty, case-in-point Microsoft opening up their own “branded” boutiques after seeing the success of the Apple stores and brand.

Although interior branding as a business strategy has become a phenomenon in recent years, it is not new.  In fact, the luxury fashion sector can be attributed to starting it.   For years, companies such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands have used design and atmosphere through their stores to convey their own brand identity, differentiate themselves from competitors, and appeal to their target market.


People lining up to enter the various luxury boutique on a typical weekday at the Harbor City Mall, Hong Kong

‘Tis the Most Wonderful Time - for Window Shopping

It’s so exciting to see all the holiday decorations at this time of the year!  I especially love store windows – looking at them is almost as enjoyable as shopping.  Below is a roundup of some favorite holiday windows.  What I adore about them are the fantasies they create, they transport you to a magical place…

Bergdorf Goodman

There is something about monkeys that is so adorable!

Tiffany & Co.

Van Cleef & Arpels


Saks Fifth Avenue

Barneys New York

All the windows are of stores in New York City.