At Home Spa Escape

Creating a luxurious bathroom sanctuary for an effortless escape…

A bright white room with an accent wall of marble & mother of pearl mosaic tile and dark wood floor gives this a tranquil experience. While, a large soaking tub and a steam shower offers the perfect way to indulge in spa-like selfcare and relaxation.

5 Easy Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Fashionable & Functional!

When assisting clients with decorating and styling their homes, sometimes all I have to do is simple fine-tuning to make a big design impact.  The issues I tweak seemed to be common mistakes or challenges faced by many.  Since correcting the mistake is the first step to achieving a well-designed home, I wanted to reveal 5 common mistakes & challenges which are crucial to fix in order to build the foundation for good decorating.  The solutions below to these common mistakes will help make your home more fashionable & functional. These tips are meant to inspire you and enhance your lifestyle!




Mistake #1 Rug is too small

When a rug is too small, it fragments a room and creates visual clutter.

A rug looks best when it anchors a seating arrangement.  Generally in a living room, the rug should cover all the furniture and extend about 6″ beyond the width of sofa on each side.  Below are two options, to obtain large rugs without breaking the bank.

  • Find a carpet with interesting print or texture and have the carpet store cut-to-size and custom-finish the edges. I have done that many times, and the right pattern or texture can make for a beautiful area rug.  The leopard print rug in the third photo below is made that way.
  • If you love a beautiful oriental or other expensive rug, you could go with a smaller piece and place a simple cut-to-size wool carpet underneath it, like the tan rug under blue oriental rug in the room above.


Mistake #2 Curtain is too short

A curtain that is too short, i.e. does not touch the floor, is akin to a person wearing pants that are too short (not the trendy kind!).  It looks awkward and takes away from the beauty of the person, or in this case, the room.

  • Opting for curtains that just touch the floor (as seen above), or adding an extra ½”-1” length like in the photo below is a great way to cheat the common uneven floor.




Mistake # 3 Art hung too high

When hung too high, art  can look off-balanced on a wall and may inhibit your ability to enjoy viewing it without craning your neck.

  • A rule of thumb is to hang a piece 60” from the floor to the center of art.
  • For multiple artworks, the 60” mark will be from the floor to the center of tallest part of the arrangement. In the photo below, you would consider that height to be the distance from top of the large round mirror to bottom of frame underneath it, including the space between them.  I like to lay this type of collage on the floor first to work out the arrangement and determine the overall height.
  • If artwork is behind a sofa and the 60” mark will overlap with the sofa, placing the piece so that the bottom is 6”-8” above sofa top is a good rule of thumb.




Mistake #4 Thinking stylish furniture cannot be comfortable

I find that sometimes there is a misconception that stylish furniture cannot be comfortable.  That is not true!  Sure, there are many stylish uncomfortable ones available but you do not have to compromise function for fashion in order to create a fashion forward room. I believe fashion must meet function in order to enhance your life at home, and there are many options out there.

Tips to choosing stylish & comfortable furniture, particularly large investment items like sofas:

  • Assess your lifestyle, what type of room is the furniture being placed in? List all the activities that will happen in the room and determine how you want to enjoy life there. For example, the extra wide and deep sectional above is in a family room for a couple who wanted the coziest & deepest sofa to curl up on and enjoy movies, or for the over 6-foot husband to stretch out and nap while the wife reads on the chaise end.
  • Always test the furniture to determine if you will enjoy it for the lifestyle you envision. Besides firmness, also check whether the size and shape feels comfortable for your body.

 CK6B0086 - Version 2


Mistake #5 Wrong size chandelier over dining table

I have discovered that selecting the right sized chandelier and hanging it at the right height can be challenging for many, since it becomes a focal point in addition to being functional.

  • When opting for a round chandelier, go for a diameter that is at least three-quarters the width of the dining table. I usually like to go slightly bigger for added drama.
  • If it is an extra-long table like the 10-foot table above, I like an elongated style, like the piece above, which is about half the length and width of the table. Another option is to get two ( round) matching pieces like those in the photo below.
  • For chandelier placement, the lowest portion should be about 30”-36” from the top of dining table.




I hope these tips will be helpful if you also encounter some of these common decorating challenges.  Have fun making your home fashionable & functional!


xox Seyie



Introducing Design 360


Excited to share Design 360, a comprehensive creative collaboration with SheBrand, to provide overall brand positioning, creative direction and compelling consumer experiences for lifestyle, hospitality, retail and real estate brands.  It covers every touch-point to create a brand identity that is engaging, meaningful and cohesive throughout physical and digital platforms.


Scope of Services Include:

BRAND IDENTITY AND DEVELOPMENT – Identify brand message, mission, personality and image, and develop a custom brand handbook to serve as the anchor for all creative branding actions

CREATIVE DIRECTION – Create a unified, consistent look and voice across all forms of print and digital media

INTERIOR BRANDING – Communicate the essence of a company’s brand identity through the design of its physical environment

DIGITAL – Design and develop a brand’s website and social media platforms

GRAPHICS & PACKAGING – Design collateral materials, packaging and non-paper products

SPECIAL CONSUMER EXPERIENCE – Create educational and entertaining experiences to engage and delight consumers

BRAND TOUCH POINTS ON-SITE – Curate and finely tune all sensory experiences, including: visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory

WHO WE SERVELuxury & Design-Conscious Lifestyle, Hospitality, Retail and Real Estate Brands (Residential and Mixed-Use Development)

Design360_SeyieDesignxSheBrand (1)

For more information, please contact us at or 323.630.1841, we look forward to helping you design a compelling brand identity!

A bathroom inspired by luxury Parisian hotel!

For this master bathroom remodel, the inspiration was a luxury Parisian hotel! The vibe that we strived for was glamour and streamlined opulence, which was achieved through the use of the marble slabs, opulent bathroom fixtures and the metallic leopard-print wallpaper (in the water closet). Ooh la, la!








Stylish Bar

To create a stylish bar that would be perfect for entertaining guests impressively, we custom designed this built-in cabinet with slate blue lacquer finish and stripe mamara marble countertop.


Below are additional tips on how to get the look.

Cabinet design:

  • A mirrored back and floating glass shelves give a sense of lightness in the design.
  • Decorative pulls add a nice design accent to the function of doors.
  • Cabinet lighting (though not lit here) makes the display feel more special.


Styling tips:

  • Arrange stemware and wine bottles like a retail display (I cluster similar items as groups and leave some breathing space between them).
  • Pretty bowls to hold nuts and chocolates.

Beach Style!

Revealing a recently completed beach house! The result of 1½ years of designing and planning this extensive remodel and decorating project. Thrilled to have Joe Schmelzer, who shot my VogueIndia feature a few years ago, photograph it.9.18-IG 5


9-18-2 5

Entertaining in Style!

Entertain in style this weekend with a glamorous table setting at your Oscar party! A simple wood branch and moss can be embellished with feathers and flowers to create a dramatic centerpiece. Your decor will look as stunning as the looks on the red carpet!

LA-MART,-9,08-copy- by Grey Crawford

   Chandelier by La Murrina


For the dramatic centerpiece, I used a long branch covered with moss as the base and layered it with flowers, feathers and berries.  To keep it sophisticated still I kept the color scheme of the centerpiece a monochromatic pink.  This way it is fun and frivolous but not tacky.


Plates by Haviland

Work Inspiration!

Seyie Design collaborated with the organization to create a branded office environment that was cohesive with their overall visually identity as well as reinforced their vision of optimism. Thereby, creating an inspiring environment for both the employees and clients.

©DevinFord-SeyieDesignTeachingFirst-041 copy

Office for a special project of the Rockerfeller Philanthropy Advisors in
Los Angeles, CA.


A Spanish Colonial Revival house gets a fashionable makeover!

After - Kitchen

After – Kitchen & Bathroom (below)

After - Master Bathroom

Before – Kitchen



I am thrilled to share a few photos of a recent interior design project in Carthay Circle, Los Angeles, CA!

A complete renovation of this 3,500+ s.f.1920s Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, combining Spanish, Parisian and New Orleans design elements with a contemporary angle, makes this a glamorous and functional haven for a fashionable entrepreneur and her young family.


Having lived in Manhattan for several years, I know the value of maximizing every square-inch of a kitchen – in every possible direction, vertical & horizontal.  Although I no longer live in the tiniest apartment in Manhattan, my love of collecting tabletop and kitchen accessories challenges me to come up with storage ideas.  So, I was obviously excited to come across these storage solutions below by Poggenpohl

All of my city dwelling friends, and others who just need additional storage for your many collections of cherished items, perhaps you can find some inspiring ideas to incorporate into your own kitchens…

Built-in countertop drawer

Custom sink drawer cut-out

Plinth drawer

Creating usable space out of the toe-kick area is quite smart!

Plinth ladder

Being a petite girl, this is probably one of my favorites…  No more bulky, ugly step ladders!  I love that you can just slide it under the cabinets when done.

Corner solution – Magic Corner